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Sunday, 20 April 2014
French LeagueMarseille-Lille0 - 0
Spanish LeagueBarcelona-A. Bilbao2 - 1
Czech LeagueDukla Praha-Sparta P.1 - 3
Portuguese LeagueBenfica-Olhanense2 - 0
Hungarian LeagueMezokovesdi-Diosgyor0 - 1
Slovak LeagueZl. Moravce-B. Bystrica1 - 3
Romanian LeagueSageata Stejaru-Petrolul Pl.2 - 3
Turkish LeagueBesiktas-Fenerbahce1 - 1
Swedish LeagueMjallby AIF-Hacken1 - 4
German LeagueStuttgart-Schalke3 - 1
English Premier LeagueEverton-Man Utd2 - 0
Danish LeagueAalborg-Randers FC1 - 2
Austrian LeagueGrodig-Rapid Wien2 - 2
Russian LeagueKuban-CSKA Moscow0 - 4


Saturday, 19 April 2014
Italian LeagueFiorentina-Roma0 - 1
Czech LeagueMlada B.-Jablonec3 - 2
Portuguese LeagueBelenenses-Sporting0 - 1
Hungarian LeagueNabi Kaposvar-Szombathelyi H.2 - 0
Spanish LeagueR. Sociedad-Espanol2 - 1
Austrian LeagueSturm Graz-SV Ried2 - 1
Croatian LeagueOsijek-Rijeka2 - 0
Slovak LeagueS. Myjava-Senica2 - 0
English Premier LeagueChelsea-Sunderland1 - 2
German LeagueHamburg-Wolfsburg1 - 3
Romanian LeagueFC Brasov-Concordia2 - 0
Turkish LeagueGalatasaray-Kasimpasa0 - 4
Estonian LeagueTallinna Kalev-Flora Tallinn1 - 4
Bulgarian LeaguePirin-Lokomotiv S.1 - 2
Northern Irish PremiershipWarrenpoint-Coleraine0 - 1
Russian LeagueMak. Anzhi -Zenit1 - 2
Scottish Premier LeagueSt. Johnstone-Dundee Utd2 - 0
Welsh LeagueAirbus UK-Carmarthen1 - 2
Finnish LeagueFC Lahti-HJK Helsinki3 - 1


Friday, 18 April 2014
Scottish Premier LeagueInverness CT-Aberdeen0 - 0
Irish Premier DivisionCork City-Drogheda Utd3 - 1
Welsh LeaguePort Talbot-Aberystwyth1 - 1
French LeagueS. Etienne-Rennes0 - 0
Spanish LeagueA. Madrid-Elche2 - 0
Czech LeagueJihlava-Bohemians 19051 - 1
Turkish LeagueErciyesspor-Trabzonspor0 - 5
Danish LeagueAarhus-Midtjylland0 - 4
Hungarian LeaguePuskas Akademia-Pecsi MFC1 - 1
Romanian LeagueGaz Metan-Otelul G.0 - 2
Estonian LeagueTammeka Tartu-Flora Paide LM2 - 4
Russian LeagueAmkar-FC Ural0 - 2
Bulgarian LeagueCherno More-Litex L.1 - 1


Thursday, 17 April 2014
Portuguese LeagueGuimaraes-Arouca2 - 3
German LeagueEintracht Frankfurt-Hannover2 - 3
Swiss LeagueYoung Boys-Sion0 - 0
Swedish LeagueElfsborg-Helsingborg1 - 0
Danish LeagueFC Vestsjaelland-Copenhagen0 - 1
Bulgarian LeagueNeftochimic-Slavia S.0 - 3




























Football (Soccer) is a multiplayer team game which is played between two teams consisting of 11 members in a team who play on the field and the other players are substitutes. The game is quite popular throughout the world and the rules of the game are framed by FIFA an organization that controls all the football championships and league games that are played at the international level. The players play on a field which is built according to the old measurements developed by IFAB. For an international game of male adults the pitch is hundred to hundred ten meters in length and the breadth is sixty four to seventy five meters.

UEFA Champions League drawIt is played with a ball that has to be kicked in the goal post of the opposite team to score a goal and the team that scores the highest goal is declared as the winner. Only the Goal keeper has a fixed position and can handle the ball with his hand. The other players can use only their feet and other parts of the body barring the arms. The other players use their hands only during throw in that is when the ball goes out of the marked line. They can also use their hands to adjust the ball during free kick or penalty kick.

The referee is officially appointed to observe the game and pass his decisions as and when required so that the game is played according to set rules and no cheating and misconduct takes place. Many championships are organized and League matches are held at International level the most famous is the World Cup which is held after every four years.

Fantastic Goal!!This website has been exclusively framed for football fans, who, enjoy watching live matches but do not get the time to watch it on television. We keep track of all European league matches without leaving out a single detail so that when you check out the match details on our website you do not miss out on any fact or figure that has been displayed for the audience in the stadium. This is for the people who do not get the time to watch the live match.

The added advantage that you get at our website are the varied tables prepared for our visitors on the live matches and detailed analysis of the same, analytical tables of the previous matches, team statistics, goals scored at each minute along with the exact timing, list of goal scorers and who were the highest goal scorers, football news and update of matches to be played, streaks, Historical analysis of the matches starting from 2003 till date, which is continuously revised when new matches are played. Analytic table of league matches, team statistics during the league matches and all the data related to league matches. The Historical data provided from 2003 will help you build up your own analysis and predict about the performance of the team by reading the daily news vat our site about the progress of the team. This will also help you to bet if you are interested in betting.

Instead of going into the long list why donít you just scroll through our tables and verify the facts? This will help you to keep in touch with the recent statistics without having to spend lots of money to buy tickets to watch the match. Neither is it possible to visit all the places throughout the world where ever the league matches or the championships are held. Here we provide the opportunity to get all the match details live without losing any thing or sacrificing any leave or commitment. You will not have to install any extra hardware.


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